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A   celebration   cake   is   for   just   that   -   a   celebration!   Birthdays,   Christenings,   Retirements,   Graduations…..all should   be   marked   with   the   traditional   cutting   of   that   special   cake…..I   mean   what   is   a   birthday   party   without   a cake?? All   of   my   cake   orders   are   booked   according   to   availability   so   remember   to   book   in   plenty   of   time   for   your event   (think   ahead   to   that   BIG   NUMBER   birthday   thats   on   in   a   few   months,   or   the   Christening   that’s   3   months down   the   line!).      I   may   sometimes   have   availability   right   up   to   your   event,   it’s   always   worth   checking!     Minimum order time is 3 days before your event. Inspiration! Need   a   little   help   or   inspiration   for   your   special   event?   Have   a   look   at   some   previous   cakes   that   I’ve   created in the Gallery, or check out my Pinterest board where there are loads of great ideas! The finer details! Prices   start   at   £70   for   a   6”   plain   birthday   cake.      All   orders   are   secured   with   a   £50   deposit.      All   quotes   for celebration   cakes   last   for   7   days   only.      All   balances   are   due   2   weeks   before   your   event   and   all   celebration cakes   are   for   pickup   only   from   my   studio.      If   delivery   is   required   a   delivery   charge   is   required.      Full   terms   and conditions of sale are available here
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