FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS If   you   have   a   question   about   a   potential   cake   order,   please   check   here   first   in   case   it   is   already   answered.   Alternatively   you   can   email   me ( )   or   phone   me   ( 07821   903   897 )   and   I   aim   to   respond   to   you   within   24   hours.      If   you   have   a   question   about   a current cake order, please contact me directly. WHEN SHOULD I BOOK MY CAKE Ideally,   as   soon   as   you   know   the   date   of   your   wedding   or   celebration,   that   is   when   you   should   book   your   cake   designer.      It   is   never   too   early!   The majority   of   my   wedding   cakes   are   booked   1-2   years   in   advance.      With   this   being   said   I   do   sometimes   have   availability   right   up   to   the   event   date.     All   booking   are   taken   according   to   my   own   availability.   Contact   me   as   soon   as   you   can   to   secure   your   booking.      A   deposit   of   £50   is   required   to secure your order.  No deposit, no order. DELIVERY AND SETUP Yes   I   do   deliver.      For   all   wedding   cakes   the   delivery   and   setup   fee   is   included   in   the   cost   of   your   wedding   cake.      For   celebration   cakes,   if   delivery   is required,   then   there   will   be   an   extra   charge.   Please   state   that   delivery   is   required   at   the   time   of   booking.     As   with   all   cakes,   if   you   choose   to   pick   up the   cake,   then   the   sole   responsibility   of   the   cake   lies   with   you   once   you   pick   it   up   and   it   leaves   my   premises.   Any   damage   caused   to   the   cake   in transit and beyond, is your responsibility.  Transportation Guide INGREDIENTS & ALLERGENS All   ingredients   and   allergens   are   supplied   once   your   booking   is   confirmed.      On   the   day   of   delivery/pickup   of   your   cake,   this   list   is   again   supplied with the cake in case the ingredients or allergens have changed since the time of booking.  I   do   have   a   number   of   flavours   that   I   can   bake   dairy   free   and   gluten   free.   However,   all   of   my   cakes   are   baked   in   the   same   tins   as   my   normal recipes,   and   my   kitchen   also   handles   all   allergens   listed   below.      Only   you   know   the   severity   of   your   own   intolerance/allergy   and   if   you   are   in anyway   doubtful,   then   you   should   not   consume   any   of   my   cakes.     As   per   HACCP   guidelines,   for   cakes   to   be   completely   free   of   allergens   for   gluten, dairy   and   nuts   etc,   cakes   need   to   be   baked   and   prepared   in   an   specially   controlled   environment   that   is   free   of   these   triggers.      If   you   are   a   celiac, for   example,   you   should   contact   a   specialist   gluten   free   baker   that   bakes   in   an   allergy   free   environment.      All   of   my   cakes   are   produced   in   a   kitchen that handles the following allergens   Cereals containing gluten | Eggs | Peanuts | Rice | Nuts | Celery | Mustard | Sesame WILL I DECORATE A CAKE YOU BAKED OR BOUGHT? Unfortunately not. I will only decorate a cake that I have baked myself WHAT SIZE CAKE SHOULD I ORDER? It   is   of   course   best   to   order   a   cake   for   the   number   of   guests   that   you   are   expecting   at   your   event.      You   should   cater   for   minimum   90%   of   your guests.      I   have   attached   a   document   for   you   to   download   to   work   out   what   is   best   for   your   guest   numbers   with   sample   cutting   guides.     All   cakes   are a minimum of 5” tall. Portion Guide Per TIer WEDDING CAKE CONSULTATIONS A   wedding   cake   consultation   is   a   very   important   part   of   the   decision   process   for   your   wedding   cake.         Before   the   consultation   it   is   important   for   me to   check   my   availability   against   your   event   date.      To   prepare   for   your   consultation   it   is   best   to   have   an   idea   of   what   your   likes   and   dislikes   are regarding   cake   design.      I   have   a   Pinterest   board   that   is   a   great   starting   point   to   see   different   design   styles   on   offer   ( Pinterest ).      For   your   own information, I do not do naked or semi-naked cakes or individual mini cakes.  The   consultation   lasts   about   45   minutes.      We   will   go   through   different   designs   and   you   will   also   get   to   sample   6   different   cake   flavours   -   of   which you will be able to take home with you.  I will then price up your agreed cake design for you. Consultations   are   free   and   take   place   at   the   Crowne   Plaza   Hotel   Shaw   Bridge,   Malone   Lodge   Hotel   and   the   Ivanhoe   Hotel   Saintfield   Road.      All appointments   must   be   prebooked.      Appointment   times   book   up   fast   when   available.      These   will   be   published   on   Facebook,   my   website   and   also emailed   out   to   those   that   are   on   my   mailing   list.   Do   check   your   junk   mail   in   case   you   miss   it!   Consultations   take   place   at   times   suitable   to   work around our busy lives; Monday-Sunday 10am-1pm, 7pm-10pm.  Appointments are child friendly. HOW MUCH WILL MY CAKE COST All   cakes   are   priced   up   according   to   how   you   want   it   decorated.   Both   celebration   and   wedding   cakes   start   at   £70.      The   single   smallest   cake   that   is available is a 6”, however I do offer a 4” cake as part of a tiered cake.   A 3-tier wedding cake starts at £210. Some   flavours   of   cake   also   add   to   the   value   of   the   cost   of   cake   -   Traditional   Fruit   Cake,   the   Guinness   &   Baileys   Chocolate   Cake,   Ferrero   Rocher Cake and the Pink Champagne & Strawberries Cake. These are £10 extra per tier. For   wedding   cakes,   the   cost   of   delivery   and   setup   is   included   in   the   cost   of   your   cake   and   the   fee   is   calculated   in   accordance   with   the   distance from my house to your venue. Prices start at £25 per figure or per single large flower. Do   expect   that   the   cost   of   your   cake   will   reflect   the   personalised   service   required   to   create   your   bepsoke   and   customised   cake.      I   do   not   have   a production   line.      It   is   just   me   and   me   alone.   I   design,   make,   bake,   decorate   and   hand   deliver   each   and   every   cake.      I   make   all   of   the   sugar   flowers and   figures   myself.            All   ingredients   used   in   your   cake   are   bought   and   baked   fresh   the   same   week   as   your   event!      No   cake   is   EVER   bought   in, made   from   a   packet   or   a   box   and   nothing   is   ever   frozen.     This   is   an   individual   service   to YOU!   It   is   a   custom   designed   and   bespoke   cake,   it   is   not   a prebought or prepackaged cake from a shop. The   price   of   your   cake   is   also   valid   at   the   time   of   offer   and   stands   for   7   days   after   which   time   the   cake   will   need   to   be   repriced.      To   get   the   very best deal for you and your cake, it should be booked at the time of quotation.
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