TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE The conditions set out here constitute the terms of sale. Please contact me for clarity on any matter which is not clear or you do not understand and note that nothing contained here affects your statutory rights as a consumer. Timescales I   will   endeavour   to   do   everything   I   can   to   accommodate   your   order   however   I   work   to   a   maximum   number   of   cakes   per   week   and   will   not   compromise   quality   through   greed.   Usually   6   months’ notice for wedding cakes and 1 months notice for celebration cakes is sufficient. Bookings are taken dependant on availability. Please book your cake as far in advance as possible.   Customer Satisfactions Guarantee Should   you   be   unhappy   with   the   cake   I   will   do   everything   I   can   to   rectify   the   matter   before   the   event.   If   you   are   still   unsatisfied   then   I   will   refund   the   price   of   cake   in   return   for   the   full   product.     If   there   is   a   design   problem   the   cake   is   to   be   photographed   and   e-mailed   within   48   hours   of   the   cake   being   collected   or   delivered.   If   you   have   a   complaint   about   the   taste   of   the   cake   then   a sample is to be provided within 24 hours from the time of picup/dropoff. Check your order While   I   take   every   measure   possible   to   check   orders,   it   is   also   the   responsibility   of   the   customer   to   make   sure   the   details   on   the   order   form   are   accurate.      While   I   will   do   everything   I   can   to rectify the situation when an error is made i.e. wrong date then the responsibility lies with the customer to check the details. Deposits and Payments Once   the   order   is   placed,   the   deposit   is   non-transferable   and   non-refundable.   The   order   is   confirmed   on   receipt   of   the   deposit   and   no   guarantees   can   be   given   on   availability   until   the   deposit has   been   paid.      The   final   full   balance   for   wedding   cakes   is   due   1   calendar   month   before   the   wedding   date.      The   final   full   balance   for   celebration   cakes   is   due   2   weeks   before   the   event. Cancelled   orders   with   less   than   45   days’   notice   are   payable   in   full. All   payments   are   made   online.   If   you   want   to   book   me   earlier   for   your   wedding   cake   -   i.e.   before   having   a   consultation,   the deposit is £50 and non-refundable. This will secure your date with me. Delivery When   a   cake   is   to   be   delivered   it   remains   the   responsibility   of   the   company   while   in   transit.   Where   any   damage   occurs   then   it   is   the   sole   responsibility   of   the   company   to   make   good   any damage.   If   this   is   not   possible,   for   whatever   reason,   then   a   full   refund   will   be   given. A   signature   will   be   accepted   upon   delivery   to   confirm   that   the   cake   is   in   good   condition.   I   will   always   check with the venue as to the recommended time of delivery. I cannot be held liable for any misinformation that the venue gives me - ie, incorrect dropoff time. Collection As   you   will   appreciate   that   once   the   cake   leaves   the   studio,   the   responsibility   then   passes   to   the   customer   and   the   company   is   not   liable   for   any   damage   in   transit.      Please   be   aware   that   a   flat surface   is   required   to   retain   the   stability   of   the   cake   and   should   be   secured   where   possible   to   remove   the   risk   of   movement   in   transit.   A   signature   is   required   upon   collection.   A   document detailing best transportation guide will be supplied before you pickup the cake. It is your responsibility to pass this information of to whoever will be picking up the cake. Best Before Dates When   preparing   some   cakes,   especially   larger   ones,   the   cakes   need   to   be   in   prep   for   two,   sometimes   three   days,   before   the   event.   While   I   do   everything   to   ensure   that   the   cake   is   as   fresh   as possible   for   the   event,   the   best   before   dates   are   within   two   days   of   the   event.         To   assist   in   prolonging   the   shelf   life,   the   cakes   are   best   placed   in   a   sealed   container   (this   will   damage   a sugarpaste   finish)   in   the   fridge.   I   do   not   accept   liability   for   consumption   from   two   days   following   the   event.   ‘Date   baked’   and   ‘To   be   consumed   by’   dates   are   supplied   with   each   and   every   cake - please check these on receipt of the cake. Non-Edible Decorations and Dowelling Rods During   the   design   process   the   customer   will   be   informed   of   any   non-edible   decorations   and   dowelling   rods   that   are   used   to   construct   the   cake. The   customer   must   relay   this   information   to   the venue / hosts. Flowers If   you   have   decided   to   use   real   flowers   as   part   of   your   display   on   your   cake,   the   responsibiility   lies   with   both   you   (the   customer)   and   your   florist,   to   ensure   that   cross-contamination   does   not occur.   Barbie   Bakes   Cakes   will   not   be   held   responsible   for   any   illness   brought   on   by   the   consumption   of   cake   that   has   been   in   contact   with   any   real   flowers.   Not   all   flowers   are   edible   and some are quite poisonous. Please research the type of real flowers you intend to use on your cake. https://novascotia.ca/museum/poison/?section=plants   Changes to your design Changes   can   be   made,   within   reason,   to   your   order.   There   is   a   cut   off   point   of   1   month   before   your   event   date. After   that,   no   more   changes   can   be   made. Any   change   made   to   the   design   will require   a   repricing   of   your   cake   cost.   Changes   can   result   in   your   cake   becoming   more   expensive   and   indeed,   less   expensive,   depending   on   the   change   required.   ****   DO   NOTE****     Any   such changes will be priced according to current pricing schemes and price increases. Price Revision The   price   quoted   to   you   at   your   consultation   is   valid   for   7   days   only.      To   secure   your   date,   design   and   price,   your   deposit   must   be   paid   within   this   time.     After   the   7   days,   your   cake   quote   will be deemed invalid and a new price would need to be calculated. All price lists are reviewed reguarly every 3 months to allow for raw material price increases. Setting up and leaving your cake at the venue If   your   cake   requires   for   it   to   be   setup   at   a   venue,   e.g.   a   wedding,   please   note   that   I   have   no   control   over   how   a   venue   either   slices,   prepares   or   stores   a   cake   after   it   has   been   setup   and   left at   the   venue.   I   also   have   no   control   over   enviornmental   factors   at   that   venue   and   how   it   may   affect   your   cake,   e.g.   heating   and   air   conditioning.   If   I   notice   anything   that   may   affect   the   cake when   it   is   setup,   I   will   make   a   note   in   my   delivery   form.   speak   to   someone   who   works   there   and   express   my   concerns   and   I   also   will   have   photo   and   video   evidence   of   the   cake   at   the   time   of my   departure.   Any   factors   that   affect   the   cake   after   my   departure   is   out   of   my   control.   I   cannot   also   be   held   responsible   for   the   use   of   any   cake   stands   at   the   venue,   their   stability   or   look. Please   ensure   all   cake   stands   are   suitable   for   us,   level   and   can   support   the   weight   of   the   cake.   If   the   cake   stand   is   not   level,   even   by   milimeters,   this   can   affect   the   stability   of   the   cake   and lead to collapse. Slicing your cake The   recommended   way   of   slicing   your   cake   is   from   the   middle   out. This   allows   you   to   push   the   remaining   sides   of   the   cake   back   together   and   protecting   the   exposed   cake.     Any   exposed   and cut   cake,   should   have   a   protective   barrier   against   it   to   protect   it   from   drying   out   (e.g.   tight   cling   film).      How   a   venue   chooses   to   prepare,   slice   and   store   a   cake   is   out   of   my   control.   Their decision may affect the quality and length of life of your cake. Cake Flavours All   cake   tiers   are   made   of   either   3   or   4   layers   of   sponge   and   2   or   3   of   buttercream   (depending   on   the   size   of   the   tier).      You   can   have   as   many   different   flavours   as   you   do   tiers,   e.g.   3-tiered cake = 3 different flavours, 5-tiered cake = 5 different flavours.  Each tier can ONLY be of one flavour - there can be NO mix and matching of flavours within a tier. Copyright & Design The   design   copyright   is   the   property   of   the   company.   The   customer   does   not   have   any   claim   on   the   design.   The   company   reserves   the   right   to   use   images   of   any   design   for   promotional purposes following the event. Sometimes   the   design   may   need   to   be   changed   slightly   or   different   materials   used   if   there   is   an   issue   with   factors   outside   of   my   control   -   e.g.   heat   and   humidity.   This   would   be   an   extremely rare occurrance and please be assured that every effort will have been made to deliver the cake as specified on the order form before such extreme measures were taken. Where   a   design   is   provided   to   Barbie   Bakes   Cakes   to   replicate,   this   design   remains   the   property   of   the   original   artist.   Barbie   Bakes   Cakes   and   the   client   do   not   have   rights   to   this   design. All of these works will be credited to the original artist. It is up to the client to provide the contact details of the original artist. GDPR In   line   with   Governement   legislation,   all   customer   details   that   are   retained   by   me,   for   7   years,   are   for   accounting   purposes   only.   You   can   be   safe   in   the   knowledge   that   your   personal information   is   never   used   by   anyone   outside   of   Barbie   Bakes   Cakes,   and   is   only   ever   used   within   the   company   for   the   purposes   of   your   order   only.   Your   information   is   NEVER   sold   or distributed to anyone, ever.  The only personal information that I hold for you is that information you supplied for your order form. Allergens The   list   of   allergens   and   ingredients   for   each   cake   that   is   produced   is   readily   available   to   all   customers.   The   ingredients   and   allergens   will   be   sent   to   each   client   upon   confirmation   of   their order.   On   the   day   of   delivery/pickup,   an   updated   list   will   also   be   supplied   if   the   list   has   changed.      The   same   list   will   be   provided   to   the   wedding   venue   at   the   time   of   delivery   (along   with   a recommended storage guide and a cutting guide for the cake). As   the   cakes   are   produced   in   my   home   kitchen,   please   note   that   I   handle   ALL   allergens   listed   below.   Although   I   take   great   care   to   ensure   that   no   cross-contaminiation   has   taken   place,   I cannot   guarantee   that   any   cake   is   allergen   free.      If   you   have   an   allergy,   intolerance   or   condition   that   requires   your   cake   to   be   completely   allergen   free   I   will   not   proceed   with   your   order   and highly   recommend   that   you   source   a   specialised   baker   to   bake   your   required   cake.   A   specialised   baker   is   one   that   bakes   and   creates   their   cakes   in   an   allergy   controlled   enviornment.      You MUST inform me of any intolerance at the time of placing the order. Cereals containing gluten, namely: wheat (such as spelt and Khorasan wheat), rye, barley, oats Crustaceans for example prawns, crabs, lobster, crayfish Eggs Fish Peanuts Soybeans Milk Nuts; namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia (or Queensland) nuts Celery (including celeriac) Mustard Sesame Sulphur dioxide/sulphites Lupin which includes lupin seeds and flour and can be found in types of bread, pastries and pasta Molluscs like clams, mussels, whelks, oysters, snails and squid These terms and conditions are subject to change By signing this document or paying your deposit you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions:
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