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Traditionally,   the   cutting   of   a   wedding   cake   and,   as   a   couple,   sharing   a   piece,   symbolises   to   your   guests   your union and promise to forever provide for each other.  It   is   seen   as   a   significant   element   of   your   wedding   reception   so   it’s   right   to   give   some   thought   as   to   how   it   will fit   in   with   the   rest   of   your   day.   Today,   cakes   are   no   longer   the   fruit   cakes   of   old   and   there   are   many   different flavours   to   choose   from.      Couples   can   add   many   design   elements   that   reflect   their   own   style   into   the   cake   on how it is decorated. Wedding   cakes   can   be   booked   once   you   know   your   wedding   date,   and   all   bookings   are   taken   according   to availability. Take   care   if   you   are   getting   married   on   a   bank   holiday   weekend,   over   Christmas   and   New Year,   or on a weekend during the summer months as these typically get booked up very quickly! I’m here to help you design your dream wedding cake with lots of information and inspiration below…..
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There are a number of factors that will effect the cost of your cake. Total cost is normally determined after a wedding cake consultation when you have decided on your final design but the information below is a good starting point! THE SIZE OF YOUR CAKE Or more specifically the number of guests you have attending your wedding.  Weddings come in all sizes and guest numbers, so if you have a wedding party of 30 people, the cake you require will be smaller than a wedding that has 200 guests attending! YOUR VENUE I always include delivery in the cost of your wedding cake so I need to work out the mileage from my studio to your venue THE DECORATION Final cake cost is determined by decoration. In simple terms the more a cake is decorated, the more it will cost. So it’s always good to have an idea of what your likes and dislikes are. A good place to start is my Pinterest board. There are so many designs to choose from but you will quickly sift out the ones to suit your own event! Click here for the Pinterest board
Your   wedding   cake   consultation   is   your   opportunity   to   sit   down   with   me   and   discuss,   design   and   most   importantly   -   taste   wedding   cake!   We   can   either start   with   a   blank   canvas   or   perhaps   you   know   how   you   want   your   cake   to   be   designed   already!   Either   way,   we   can   set   in   place   all   of   the   design elements required to give your wedding that personal touch! Consultations   take   place   at   times   to   suit   you   and   your   busy   life   and   at   a   number   of   locations.   It   is   never   too   early   to   book   your   wedding   cake,   and   as consultations and cake tasting are complimentary they do book up fast so get in touch to book your appointment today!
Consultations take place at Crowne Plaza Shaws Bridge Malone Lodge Hotel Ivanhoe Hotel
Days & Times Monday to Friday   10am - 1pm   &   7pm - 10pm
07821 903 897
FRUIT FLAVOURS LEMON DRIZZLE    Lemon drizzle sponge cake, lemon curd buttercream and lemon curd LEMON & RASPBERRY Lemon & raspberry sponge cake, lemon curd buttercream, raspberry jam & lemon curd LEMON & BLUEBERRY Lemon & blueberry sponge cake, lemon curd buttercream, blueberry compote & lemon curd LEMON & POPPY SEED   Lemon & poppy seed sponge cake, lemon curd buttercream & lemon curd COCONUT & LIME Coconut sponge cake, coconut cream buttercream & lime curd CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY Chocolate & raspberry sponge cake and raspberry buttercream
PREMIUM FLAVOURS JAMESON’S FRUIT CAKE Traditional moist fruit cake with juicy raisins, glacé cherries and almonds; matured for 3 months in Jamesons Irish Whiskey GUINNESS & BAILEYS Guinness chocolate cake with a Baileys buttercream FERRERO ROCHER Chocolate sponge cake, Nutella buttercream, crushed Ferrero Rochers, chopped and roasted hazelnuts PINK CHAMPAGNE Pink Champagne sponge cake white chocolate buttercream WHITE CHOCOLATE & BAILEYS White chocolate sponge cake, Baileys buttercream, Baileys & white chocolate ganache ( All premium flavours are £10 extra per tier)
VANILLA FLAVOURS CLASSIC VICTORIA SPONGE   Madagasgan vanilla sponge cake, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream RASPBERRY & WHITE CHOCOLATE Raspberry & white chocolate sponge, raspberry buttercream and lemon curd BUTTERED PECAN & CARAMEL Madagasgan vanilla and brown sugar sponge, caramel buttercream, pecan crumb and salted caramel sauce VANILLA CHOCOLATE CHIP  Madagasgan vanilla and chocolate chip sponge cake with whipped chocolate buttercream PISTACHIO & WHITE CHOCOLATE Pistachio sponge with white chocolate buttercream and pistachio crumb COFFEE CAKE Delcious coffee cake with whipped chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream and pecan crumb
CHOCOLATE FLAVOURS Chocolate Biscuit Cake      Chocolate digestives & juicy raisins in a deliciously rich chocolate cake CHOCOLATE ORANGE Chocolate orange sponge cake, chocolate orange buttercream CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE    Chocolate sponge cake, milk chocolate buttercream CHOCOLATE SALTED CARAMEL  Chocolate sponge, salted caramel buttercream, salted caramel sauce   RED VELVET Red velvet sponge cake New York cheesecake buttercream PEANUT BUTTER CUP Chocolate sponge cake, peanut butter buttercream, peanut butter cups COOKIES & CREAM Chocolate sponge cake, Oreo buttercream, Oreo crumb
So many wonderful flavours to choose from! You can pick as meany different flavours as you do tiers on your cake!
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